What is an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette)?

An electronic cigarette is a device that is used to heat up and turn to vapor the liquid (it’s a nicotine vaporizer) that is inside of the cartridges or atomizer.  It is made up of three parts (usually); the battery, the atomizer and the cartridge.  The battery provides power to the e-cigarette, the atomizer heats up the liquid, and the cartridge holds the liquid that gets heated up.

Why would I want to smoke an e-cigarette?

E-cigarettes don’t have the 4,000+ chemicals and the 60+ carcinogens found in cigarettes, there is no smelly second hand smoke and your clothes won’t smell like an ash tray, no tar, it’s economical when compared to cigarettes, there is no burning involved so it’s less likely to cause a fire, you can change flavors at any time and although everyone has their preferable flavors, it’s a lot easier to switch flavors than brand of cigarette.

Will an electronic cigarette help me quit smoking?

The e-cigarette and the liquids it contains are still unapproved by the FDA as smoking cessation devices, there are no proven facts that will say it will help you quit smoking.  Some people will swear that an e-cigarette has helped them quit or cut down on cigarettes but at the moment they are not recognized by the FDA as a smoking cessation device, so this site will make no claims that it helps you quit or cut down on smoking real cigarettes.

What is inside of the liquid?

The main ingredients inside of the liquid are water, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and in some instances nicotine.  Propylene glycol is considered a safe ingredient (by the FDA) and it is used in foods and medicine, as well as cigarettes and has many other uses.  Nicotine is considered a poison and is addictive, though not a known carcinogen (has been known to speed up the mutation of cancer cells).  Another common ingredient is glycerin which is also considered a safe ingredient (by the FDA).  The liquids are made completely of food grade ingredients, with the exception of the nicotine (because of it’s classification as a poison and addictive ingredient).

How long does a cartridge last and what does it cost to maintain?

The amount of times a cartridge lasts depends on the person.  Everyone smokes e-cigs differently.  On average a cartridge lasts approximately 5 – 10 cigarettes worth (depending on the model you’re using).  After that you can either refill it or put in a new cartridge.  Of course we support refilling because it’s cheaper and can be done easily by anyone.  For more information on how to refill a cartridge please visit our instructional videos section.

Are there any maintenance costs associated with smoking these nicotine vaporizers?

Yes.  There are maintenance costs associated with e-smoking.  The batteries do run out of life and need to be replaced and the atomizers go bad after a few weeks (with proper maintenance they can last much longer).  That’s why it’s recommended to always have spare parts.  The cartridges can last a very long time as long as you refill them instead of throwing them away.  Of course you run out of liquid so you need to get more as the liquids run out.

Where can I use my e-cigarette?

You can use your e-cig almost every where.  Most places that have cigarette and smoking bans will allow you to vaporize indoors.  Of course there are places that won’t allow you to.  It’s always best to check at each place that you visit if e-smoking is allowed.

What does the vapor/smoke smell like?

It doesn’t really have an odor.  Sometimes depending on the flavor you might smell a faint odor of fruit or another similar odor, but it’s not the same as a burning cigarette odor.

Why does my e-cigarette stop working after taking several puffs?

Some e-cigarettes after 10-15 puffs have an automatic cut-off that will stop supply of liquid for several minutes.  The reason for this is to prevent getting too much nicotine into your body too quickly.  It’s a safety mechanism.  Just wait a little bit and your nicotine vapor machine should work again.

If your e-cigarette model has a button, most of them also have a cut-off after a few seconds.  The cut-off is to prevent overheating the atomizer and burning yourself.  Wait a couple of seconds and your electronic cigarette should work again.

How much is shipping?

We’re probably the lowest or one of the lowest cost alternatives to the mall kiosks in the US.  Our shipping is free for a limited time.  Most people get their items in 2 – 5 days.